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Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Can You Hear Me Now?

Today, I thought I would focus on life in Marsabit, Kenya, and try to give you a glimpse into the commitment it takes just to communicate and get medical help. Next week I’ll be sharing with you some of the progress we are making even today along with our plans for the future. And I hope, you will be as excited as I am and want to partner with us. We are also working on some partnerships and new ways to garner support to end poverty and bring education to Marsabit.

As the first video cues, think about the craziest thing you have done just to get a signal on your cell phone. Or your greatest frustration in finding the right spot to make that call. But have you ever climbed a mountain?

The video above reminds me of when I was in Ngaamba on a hike with some of the community leaders to survey the village from the highest point. We were about half way up a mountain when all of a sudden their phones started to ring.

This next video gives you a view on public transportation inside Marsabit. The ARVs that are mentioned are the HIV meds that have revolutionized HIV treatment in Africa.

When was the last time you and everyone in your subdivision piled into a car to get a signal? Or you hopped a ride on top of a vehicle just to get to the doctor?

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