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No Roads But We Are Going Anyway

As many of you know,we have chosen Marsabit as the site for our first big projects in Kenya. Marsabit lies at the heart of the ancestral lands of the Boorana people. it is the last bit of civilization in the vast desert of northern Kenya. The Northern Kenyan population lives below the poverty line. The inability to provide for basic needs: clean water, nutrition, health care, education, clothing and shelter. There are no roads that lead to Marsabit, and the trip will not be easy, but the work is important.

In August, Jaime and I will be going to Marsabit on a vision trip to scout for a site for the school, meet the community, and seek out micro-business opportunities. We are looking for sustainable projects, ways for the women and orphans to create sustainable income. As part of this trip we will be delivering much needed supplies that are basic to the survival of people in this area.

Yesterday we learned there are 18 double orphans in the area, meaning they have lost both of their parents, who are in dire need of assistance. They have HIV, are starving, and infected with jiggers. While our trip is a vision trip we have decided to deliver:
Food for 1000 people: there’s no easy way to say this, the people are starving, HIV and jiggers has devastated this area and there are too many orphans and widows who are starving.
1000 Bed nets: malaria is rampant in these areas and the bed nets are critical,
Medical supplies: 1000 people for medical camps, test 200 people for HIV/Aids, reach 2000 people with the message of HIV/Aids prevention through the what if? campaign
Food, medicine, supplies for the 18 double orphans until we can return
Transportation of all the supplies
Farming supplies (more to come on this) we are looking to create a sustainable food source for the people

All of the supplies we want to deliver are basics, the need for food is so great that we have decided to fore go any other activities and focus on feeding. I have ideas about how the school can help provide food and we are starting a farming project that will provide not only food but employment as well.

We need you to partner with us on this trip, we are looking to raise enough money to cover the food and medicines necessary for this village. Every penny we raise will go towards the needs in Marsabit. As we prepare for the trip we will be sharing stories and keep you posted on the needs and progress.

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