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On High Velocity – Got Marketing Passion? Fire Up Your Brand Mojo!

The super good guys over at High Velocity Radio, Todd Schnick and Stone Payton invited me to guest post on their blog. I was excited and appreciative of the opportunity. I wrote about the importance of infusing your marketing with passion….you can read the post here: Got Marketing Passion? Fire Up Your Brand Mojo!

While you are over at the High Velocity Blog check out the link to High Velocity Radio, their interviews are always informative and entertaining. And, if you are an avid reader like me check out their Video Dust Jacket tour a series of interviews with thoughtful engaging business authors.

Here’s a preview of my post:

Most everyone is familiar with the 4p’s of marketing – product, promotion, price and placement. Recently, accomplished market researcher, and most importantly, my friend, Sally Markham wrote a post suggesting a 5th p…personality. After reading that post, I found myself not only agreeing with her, but wanting to add a 6th p…passion. And, after several experiences over the last couple of weeks, I’ve moved from wanting to add the 6th “p”, to believing it’s critical.

Read the rest here and as they say over at High Velocity Radio….see you in the fast lane!

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  • toddschnick

    Thanks again for your willingness to contribute. Great stuff!